McHappy's Donut Dispatch
Delivery Service
Delivery available Mon-Fri 6 AM to 10 AM minimum delivery: $15 | delivery charge: $2.75 BEVERAGES Large Coffee $1.99 + tax 
96 oz. Decanter
Includes 6 cups, creamer & sweetener $15.99 + tax Bottled Water or Juice $1.59 Chocolate or White Milk $1.99 SWEET THINGS Dozen Assorted Donuts $9.99 Dozen Fresh Baked Cookies $11.99 Half Dozen Lg Assorted Muffins $18.00 Dozen Double Fudge Brownies $21.54 McHappy's Sampler:
Includes 6 Donuts, 4 Cookies and
2 Double Fudge Brownies $12.99 Special Occasion Cakes Priced Individually BREAKFAST SANDWICHES Sausage & Egg Square $2.99 Sausage & Cheese Square $2.79 Ham & Cheese Square $2.79 Pizza Square $2.79 Pepperoni Rolls - Double Pack $2.69 For larger orders, please call the day before to ensure we have everything you need. Our menu boasts all fresh, NEVER frozen pastries that are always trans-fat and preservative free. Combine our commitment to quality with a friendly atmosphere, and you'll see why people have been starting their day with McHappy's for over 43 years!


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